The Great Lemon Chicken to melt in your mouth

Lemon chicken

Lemon chicken

???????????????????????????????   This one is so easy, so moist, so healthy and really easy to make.

500g chicken breasts no skin

6 tablespoons olive oil

4 minced cloves of garlic

2 lemons, one is sliced and the other is juiced

1 tsp salt

pinch of ground black pepper

25ml of a supermarket spice grinder from Freshers with: (Ground cumin, coriander, ginger, chilli, paprika, brown sugar, thyme and origanum)

So marinade the chicken for a few hours by placing the ingredients in a bowl, cover and put in the fridge.

Get cooking:

Layer your baking with with sliced lemons, and put your breasts on top of them. Do not cover.

Pre heat the oven to about 180, and cook until the breasts are tender. You can even turn down the oven to 160, and let them simmer for about 45 mins.

Delicious when served with a fresh garden salad.



The Great Chilli and Lime Baked Fish with rissoto and salad

Excellent idea if you wanna jazz up any fish. It’s so easy to create these sensational flavors keeping you back for seconds and thirds. Mmmmmm.

The Great Chilli and Lime Fish with Rissoto

The Great Chilli and Lime Fish with Rissoto

Here’s how:


500g fish ( i used fillets, but a whole fish or two is preferred)

1 peach sliced

1 green chilli

One lime – the zest and juice. Plus 3 lime slices halved

8 cloves of chopped garlic

1 tablespoon of chopped ginger

Small handfull of chopped corriader

8 bay laves

150g Rissoto

One red or green pepper

4 tomatoes

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 onion finely chopped

1 tablespoon tomato pure

3/4 pint of chicken stock

2 tablespoons of redwine vinegar

1 tablespoon of oregano


First you need to bake the tomatoes, that you have quartered into slices, and the chilli and garlic cloves. 25-30 mins on 200 C.  I used foil shiny side up on my baking tray.

Roasted veg

First stage, roasted tomatoes, chilli and garlic

Blend this with 2 tablespoons of tomato pure. Keep.



So in a bowl, add the lime zest. juice and slices. One whole peach sliced, 3 slices of another lime halved, some garlic, the ginger and corriander. bay leaves.

In a bowl, place the fish fillets soak up and down sideways and leftways. Place into fridge, and marinade for about 30 mins to an hour.

After the veggies come out of the oven, you will use the same baking tray for the fish to cook. I placed my fish, with some of the marinade (i removed the lime slices for example), and folded the foil around the fish to create a sealed unit.

Bake at 250 C for 35 mins, and then turn off the oven and allow to rest for another 20 mins or more.


Fry up the chopped onion with some olive oil until soft.

Add the blended pepper/tomato paste and red wine vinegar.

Now add the 150g of risotto. And slowly add giant spoonfulls of the chicken stock. Keep stirring.

Cook until your rossoto is soft, so keep tasting until you are happy with the result.

Make a green salad.

Plate the fish, the rissoto and side salad on one plate.