Andrea The Great

So who am I??

That is me

That is me

I am a lady who now calls Cape Town home. I am inquisitive about life, and I love new experiences. At university I dripped into the study of cultures and heritage tourism. I love writing and interviewing musicians, learning cooking and make recipes according to bettering my health. I am fascinated with technology and what impact it has on people’s lives. I have been places and seen many things, speak English, Afrikaans and Dutch.I love travelling to all over the world as many times a year as possible. I am a traveller. A fan of making new friends on my trips abroad, I have many people who ‘get me’ and provide me with my core strength from London to Australia and Indonesia. I smile a lot and can make people laugh, and always take pictures. Photographs provide me with my memory and show the world how I see it to others. I can visualise anything and make it happen. I am making blogging a reality and by typing out my experiences in life I share with as many people that I can.


Share me your thoughts and other ideas, love to hear them!