The Great Doggie Bites

doggie bites

doggie bites

Make your own doggie biscuits! It’s fun and you can control what your mammal is eating, and you can tailor make what they like. It is not only a nice bonding process, but you are able to control that there is no bad stuff going into the feed. Get into this great new trend for organic recipes.

4 KG Whole meal/Brown Flour

50g Bicarbonate Soda

1 KG Liver (Chicken/Ox)

500g Cheap Margarine/Fat

1 Cup Milk

Mix the flour and soda

Melt the Margarine/Fat and add the liver

Let it cool and blend the mixture until smooth

Mix the cooled mixture to the flour and add the milk if needed to make a hard pliable dough

Knead the dough for at least 4 min

Cut into smaller portions and keep in a plastic bag while you start rolling the portions

Roll out the dough until 1cm thick

Cut out using any festive biscuit/cookie cutter

Bake for 13-15min at 180*

Weigh the treats to 400g  and place into the bags

Cool stuff hey!


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